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Est. 1978

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Wholesale: Doors and Related Products

Pierini Iron Works Wholesale Chicago

Coiling Steel Doors, Thermal Doors and Fire Doors:

Pierini Iron Works Inc. is a manufacturer/supplier of high equality rolling steel doors sold throughout the United States. Our facility is located in Chicago, Illinois and was established in 1978. Every door is hand crafted, made to your specifications, not mass produced. Thus, we can maintain the high quality standards for our product as recognized throughout the industry. Doors are manufactured to accommodate any condition regardless of size or restrictions. We have the capability to fabricate, supply and expedite all materials readily. Quick turnaround times for pricing and shipping help you maintain that competitive edge. Click “View Brochure” to see our product line. For any upcoming project, please contact our sales department and give us an opportunity to quote Pierini products.

Slats, Bottom Bars, Endlocks etc:

As a manufacturer; we fabricate & ship slats, bottom bars, endlocks, etc. within 1 to 4 business days. Whether it is a complete curtain or just a few slats, you will receive our quote promptly, competitively priced, and ready to ship upon request. Click “Compatibility Chart” to review profiles that will assist you in selecting the right product.